There is no more personal and impactful way to help animals than by becoming a foster. The Animal Welfare League has a variety of foster opportunities for you to help with. You can foster a mom and her litter until they are old enough for vaccines and altering. You can also foster an animal who needs some quiet time after surgery or treatment. Whatever the reason, these animals need some extra love and care before they can be adopted. Providing foster care for a few days, weeks, or months can be a lifesaving gift for an animal.

The food, medication, kennels, toys and other basic supplies you will need are provided, along with training and care instructions.

Our Intake and Animal Care team can also offer their help if needed.

Bottle feeding baby cat

Animals that need URGENT foster homes


Alexis Berg
Foster Care Coordinator

Phone: (941) 625-6720 Ext 117
Email: Foster@awlshelter.org

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