4 Week Obedience Class for AWL Alumni

This 4 week class is only offered for dogs who have been adopted through AWL.  If your pup is not an AWL Alumni, but you are in need of training please call the shelter for more resources @ 941.625.6720.

Course Highlights

Tools for Class

Each week you will need to bring tools to aid in achieving the goals set for that class.

  1. Bring a bag of your dog’s breakfast kibble. Don’t feed them before class. We will have you hand feed them today.
  2. Bring your training equipment –  a Ziploc bag or pouch or fanny pack with higher value treats cut into small pieces – chicken, steak, cheese, hotdogs, pupperoni, etc. Please have your dog’s well fitting collar on (no loose collars or slip leads) and use a 4-6′ solid leash – no retractable leashes allowed.
  3. Bring a blanket, towel or mat that is your dog’s daily possession. It should not be brand new. It needs to smell like your dog, you, and your house. (For training their “safe place”).
  4. Optional, bring a folding chair for you if needed. We will be training in a sandy fenced in area behind the shelter. 

Second Class Starts
May 17, 2023

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