What is the “H.E.L.P.” program?

The “Help End Local Pet-overpopulation” program is a partnership between Charlotte County Animal Control and the Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County for a new program to provide low-cost sterilization for pets of Charlotte County residents.
Pet overpopulation contributes to pet homelessness, neglect and abuse. Spaying/neutering a pet is the number one preventative for pet overpopulation, of which impacts Animal Control, animal shelters and our community.
The Animal Welfare League receives continuous inquiries from local pet owners seeking low or reduced-cost spay/neuters. The primary reason that pet owners cite for not having their pets spayed or neutered is that is that it is unaffordable.


Our Mission:

Decrease local pet overpopulation and the negative consequences that it has on our community and resources by offering a reduced cost spay/neuter clinic to Charlotte County, FL residents.

Pet ownership by the numbers:

The State of Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR) reports the estimated population of Charlotte County, FL in 2020 as 187,904 with the number of Households at 76,891. Estimating the county’s pet dog and cat population has been calculated using two different methods, both yielding very similar results.
The first method used by the State of Florida calculates the estimated number of pet dogs and cats based on the human population. The second method was the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) method and calculates based on the number of households.
The results estimated that there over 80,000 pet dogs and cats in Charlotte County. Even if using the most generic and also accepted calculation that one of every 3 persons owns a pet, it still results in over 62,000 pets in Charlotte County, and that is if each only had one pet.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify, the resident must reside in Charlotte County and be receiving assistance from at least one of the programs below. They must provide proof-of-benefit with a matching current (unexpired) state-issued ID for:

  • Food Stamps (SNAP);
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF);
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI);
  • Social Security Disability (SSD);
  • Medicaid;
  • Charlotte County Homeless Coalition; or
  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Or any of the following:

  • A referral from Charlotte County Animal Control; or
  • Charlotte County Human Services

Why Choose Us?

     We are committed to trying to help alleviate pet overpopulation and pet homelessness in Charlotte County. The most impactful way to achieve this is through this partnership and giving resident pet-owners access to more affordable options.
     As the county animal shelter our non-profit organization provides pets a second chance at life by sheltering and caring for the unwanted, homeless, neglected and abused pets in our community until they find their new families. As such, we have an experienced veterinarian plus the combination of experienced staff and volunteers that can make this program successful.

The Cost

    Eligible Charlotte Co. citizens will be asked to pay a $20.00* fee per animal. This fee will be retained by the Animal Welfare League the morning of your scheduled appointment.  

    * This $20.00 fee includes a rabies vaccination (If owner is unable to produce valid rabies certificate. Must bring rabies certificate with them at the time of the appointment.)  Applicants may only apply for 4 animals in a given year.

    Microchips are also availible for an additional $10.00/animal if requested when filling out the application.    

COVID-19: We ask that any person who has tested positive for COVID-19 wait 10 days before scheduling their appointment, once their application has been accepted.